Our first animated movie!

2007-12-29 22:31:10 by FronkNDego

Hey everyone,

We just posted "The Protectors of Tomorrow" our first animated cartoon movie! Special thanks to our amazing friend "Guizmo" for all the artwork. Please go check it out and let us know what you think! Thanks!



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2007-12-29 22:36:44

Watching now .....


2007-12-30 04:31:14

lolz really cool animation, lots of hhumor ( lill gay'ish XD) and nice graphs 5/5


2007-12-30 15:24:05

I came by to apologise for bieng an ass when I left a review.


2008-01-03 16:24:58

artwork amazing storyline really good animation 0 your animator has no knowledge of flash and didn't know how to animate felt like a comics..


2008-01-03 19:40:17

to patu it was supposed to be like comics there fuckin super heroes that sounds comic-y to me

bak to he point... that was fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

FronkNDego responds:

Thanks :)


2008-01-30 22:57:56

you guys are TO FUNNY