2008-02-24 19:44:06 by FronkNDego

Thats right the second episode is here! We worked for a couple months with our awesome artist Guizmo Morin, hope everyone enjoys! Please vote and comment :)

Our first animated movie!

2007-12-29 22:31:10 by FronkNDego

Hey everyone,

We just posted "The Protectors of Tomorrow" our first animated cartoon movie! Special thanks to our amazing friend "Guizmo" for all the artwork. Please go check it out and let us know what you think! Thanks!


Another new one!

2007-09-29 20:08:24 by FronkNDego

Heyyyyy Newgrounders,

To anyone who likes our work, we put a new movie up called "A Very Dramatic Trailer"

So go watch and enjoy! And dont forget to rate a 5! Thanks!


2007-07-27 17:12:28 by FronkNDego

Hey guys, Fronk N Dego here! We just posted our new movie "Ideas" so do us a favor and check it out! And also, if you really enjoy it, head over to our site at and check out the DVD we have for sale. Thanks!